Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Inspired by MY SASSY GIRL

hindi ko kinaya. humagulgol talaga ako ru'n sa eksena sa My Sassy Girl na nagbibigay ng advice 'yung guy du'n sa new guy about how to handle the girl.

kung may guy na cutie na humingi ng advice about me, you can cite the following. kayo, ano ang advice about you?


Don’t move away when he holds your hand or tries to kiss you in public.
Act like you’ll miss him like crazy when he goes mountain climbing.
Text him “Mwaaah!” instead of “Mwah!” often. You don’t know how much those extra a’s mean to him.
Once in a while surprise him by waiting for him in Marikina with a fresh towel and a change of clothes so he can freshen up after rowing practice.
Sing to him.
Bully him sometimes. Get mad at him and scold him. He wants to feel like the bad boy. When he says sorry and woos you, make him feel like you’re still upset but you just can’t resist his pagpapa-cute.
Hug him from behind and smell his armpits when you make out.
Cook something healthy but fancy for him.
Initiate sex by “harassing” him in his sleep.
Pretend to get jealous sometimes.
Treat him to a movie or dinner sometimes

rey.. kilig..
ako kaya ano kayang 10 things ko...
rereflect muna ako!
Keep up the good work » »
Best regards from NY! video editing programs
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