Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Angelika? Ikaw ba 'yan?!?

While Madame Auring is the the worst argument for plastic surgery (way up there alongside Michael Jackson), Angelika dela Cruz must be its poster girl.

I mean, have you seen what they've done to her? SHE'S GORGEOUS - AS IN ANG GANDA-GANDA NIYA NGAYON!

I chanced upon her soap on ABS-CBN. Immediately, I sensed something different with her but couldn't quite put my finger on it. When I mentioned it to a friend, she gave me this look like she's wondering where I've been all these years then she said that Angelika did go under the knife. Fellow staff members of "Sis," told me that she had her chin augmented and her cheekbones tapered. The result is a more sophisticated-looking, definitely more beautiful Angelika dela Cruz. And that's saying something since I've never been a fan of her face. Found it too anime-ish and unnaturally pale (and it didn't help that she was launched as the singer of the Sailor Moon theme). Pero ngayon, maganda na talaga siya.

Ang hindi ko lang sigurado eh kung tinatanggap ba ni Angelika dela Cruz na nagparetoke siya. Sana 'wag na lang niyang i-deny kasi ang ganda-ganda-ganda naman ng resulta, eh.

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