Sunday, May 28, 2006


Valedictory Address

My good friend Monica Torres graduates cum laude from the UP College of Human Kinetics today, April 23, 2006. She will give the Valedictory Speech so she asked me to give her some “wacky” gems to spice up her address.

Personally, I think she doesn’t need my inputs because she’s one witty person. You wouldn’t think this the first time you meet this very beautiful, very athletic young achiever. She’s president of the UP Dragonboat Team, a champion rower, triathlete, adventure racer, duathlete. She’s also dabbled in ballet, taekwondo, modeling. Lahat na yata ginawa nitong babaeng ‘to.

So, Monica, congratulations!

(Here are the things I contributed to her speech.)

Graduation. Sa English “Commencement” meaning beginning. Sa Filipino, “Pagtatapos” meaning ending. Opposite meanings that apply to just one thing. Come to think of it, tama naman pareho dahil from here, a more challenging life will commence. Sa kuwento ng ating buhay, ito ‘yung “tapos.” Tapos ano’ng nangyari? Tapos naging successful ako. Tapos na-meet ko’ng love of my life. Tapos we lived happily ever after. Tapos patay na.

I’m so honored to stand before you on our Commencement Exercises pero dahil CHK tayo, paninindigan ko ‘tong Exercises. Feel free to join me in our Commencement Exercises. Stretch up! 1-2-3…

I will miss our college. We should be proud of this college. For one thing, it has the most astig name among all the colleges. College of Human Kinetics! Ano’ng panama ng College of Science? Common! Science kahit sa prep may ganyang subject! Human Kinetics sa UP lang meron niyan!

Let’s all give it up for our parents. I’m sure bawat isa sa kanila – some may have been more vocal than others – napaisip, nag-alala sa kursong pinasok natin but, no, andiyan sila to support us. Mahirap ‘yung ginawa nila. It was like investing blindly pero sana ma-realize nila ngayong graduates na tayo na nag-pay-off naman. Thanks, mom and dad!

We’ve devoted our years in the college celebrating the glorious human body. At ang mga natutunan ko about it and in the activities that utilize it ang magiging guidelines ko. Parang sort of Life’s Little Instruction Book CHK Edition:
It’s anybody’s game.
Keep your eye on the ball.
Every stroke counts.
The game’s not over ‘till it’s over.
And my personal favorite, one word, GOAL!

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