Monday, July 03, 2006



Sa The Lake House, a particulare correspondence between the characters played by Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves begins with: “We’ve never talked about our favorite things.”

People don’t really talk about their favorite things. Usually they crop up during mundane situations while we’re experiencing a favorite thing. And we usually state like it’s not really important. “Favorite ko talaga iced tea ng Don Hen.” But these are our favorite things.

Tama nga siguro ang kaibigan kong si Cheryl na kelangan nating i-develop ang Attitude of Gratitude (read her friendster blog). And we can start with a list of our favorite things. That ought to make us realize how life is actually a lot better than how we usually perceive it to be. Just making the list in my head from the day I saw the movie two days ago filled me with glee.


1. Getting on the platform just as the train arrives. No waiting!
2. Kapag hindi siksikan sa MRT tapos meron kang good book to read na hindi mo namamalayan ang biyahe
3. Kung ‘yung pila mo ‘yung pinakamabilis umusad
4. Mga Pagkaing Branded: Dayap Chiffon Cake ng Chocolate Kiss, Tapa Mix and Bottomless Rice ng Mang Jimmy’s, Cheese Popcorn with Extra Butter ng Taters, Mary Grace Ensaymada, Avocado Ice Monster, Chickenjoy, Wendy’s Biggie Fries with Extra Mayo, Buffalo Wings ng Don Hen, 1.5L Gatorade, Ice-cold Red Horse Beer, Macaroni Salad and Pan Fried Chicken ng Pancake House, Anything from Bellini’s, Italianni’s Complimentary Focaccia Bread with Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Oil, and Parmessan, Dairy Queen Mocha Chip Blizzard, this hot salad sa isang restawran sa Chinatown, roast duck, dark chocolate,
5. Mga Pagkaing Homey: Ginisang Monggo, Bagoong Isda, Tinola, Bulalo, Bagong Saing na Kanin, Palitao, Binatog, Champorado
6. Finding money in your pocket
7. My pamangkins - kahit anong gawin nila nakaktuwa hehe!
8. Seeing a photo na cute ako
9. Kapag iniwan mong matagal ‘yung phone mo tapos maraming messages received pagkita mo
10. Finding out someone has a crush on you
11. Getting a Friendster invite
12. Getting a Friendster testi
13. A nice nap
14. Dinner with the Powerbarkada
15. A good run
16. Bagsit River, Zambales
17. Kapag pumapasok si Miss Philippines sa Top 10 ng Miss U
18. Kapag approved agad ang script ko
19. Kapag mabilis lang ang meeting
20. Kapag walang meeting
21. Paolo Santos

Geesh! I realize this list could go on and on. Something to be truly grateful for.

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