Saturday, August 05, 2006


Bayani sa Papel

About a month ago natiyempuhan ko ang final episode ng Friends sa ETC. Right after, natiyempuhan ko naman ang final episode ng Will & Grace sa Studio 23. Para akong nasa Couch Potato Heaven!

Ngayon naman nasa Newspaper Reader’s Heaven ako kasi ang ganda-ganda ng issue nga Philippine Daily Inquirer today (04 Aug 2006/Vol. 21/No. 237)! Nasa frontpage ‘yung sagutan nina Ramos at Miriam sa isang Congressional hearing. Tapos pinagtabi pa nila ang dalawang articles on the spate of political killings – one about the CPP forming a vigilante group to hunt the perpetrators and one about PNP putting up a bounty for any information about the killings. Ang witty! May article pa about a “disaster board game” invented by a high school student, an anecdote about David Sedaris (na hindi ko naman kilala pero mukhang napaka-fascinating lalo na nu’ng mabasa ko ang blog ng aking friendster Nonie), UP winning over NU, and a little known German woman setting a new world record in the 100-m freestyle. Pati ‘yung comic strips na binabasa ko mas nakakatawa today.

But it’s the main section I’m saving for the three gems of an editorial written by Michael L. Tan, Rina Jimenez-David, and Ambeth R. Ocampo. Unlike the juxtaposed articles sa frontpage, wala naman yatang editorial hand behind the three writers talking about a common theme in their columns. Well actually hindi naman common theme; more like a common feeling of “kilabot” they elicit. Tan talked about a doctor friend (Dr. Chandu Claver), whose and person and family are the latest victims of these political killings. This reminded him of the killing of another doctor friend of his who was felled during the Marcos regime. In his deathbed, the 29-year old Dr. Bobby dela Paz, Tan recounts, gasped to his mother “Masakit…Masakit…Bakit, bakit?” I almost choked up.

Ocampo unearthed a La Independiencia interview with Gen. Antonio Luna at the height of the Philippine Revolution. It was very inspiring reading verbatim the young general’s passion for a free Philippines. Come to think of it, it is always refreshing to hear any Filipino talk passionately about his country. Nevermind if the one speaking has been gone for almost a century due to, well, politically motivated murder.

Jimenez-David’s testimonies on the latest Filipino Ramon Magsaysay Awardees, Tony Meloto of Gawad Kalinga and Inquirer co-founder Tita Eggie, are also very “nakakapangilabot.” Meloto was cited by the Asian Nobel for believing and striving for a slum-free Philippines. Tita Eggie never tires from upholding the free press as integral in nation-building. (But none of these précis actually do justice to how wonderfully written these columns are, ha, so please, please try to get a copy the PDI and read them.)

Ayun! HEROES!!! ‘Yun ang common theme ng tatlo. Ipinakita nina Mr. Tan, Mr. Ocampo at Ms Jimenez-Magsanoc that one thing going for the Philippines is that no matter how dark the period we may be in, there are always patriotic and brave heroes who will never give up on the Philippines and the Filipinos.

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