Monday, September 18, 2006


Flyin' Away From Home

Tomorrow, my mommy monster and daddy are taking the 5AM flight to San Diego. And this time they’ll be gone for at least three years. When they both retired a couple of years ago, they lived in the US as immigrants. This was made by possible by a petition of my dad’s eldest sister eons ago. Ngayon hindi na yata puwedeng i-petition ng kapatid ang isang married sibling. Oh, and this aunt is among the pioneer Filipino nurses in the US and is among the first female, and non-MD to be administrator of an American Hospital.

Just a few weeks ago, another Aunt and her husband vacationed here. This aunt naman was among the first Filipino medical technologists to work in the US, my Uncle served in the US Navy. She was telling me to come visit. “Get a tourist Visa. Then try mo mag-apply sa mga TV stations du’n.” My mom does tell me that I might be the easiest to petition since I’m her youngest, single child. Sounds tempting since dream writing jobs ko ang Oscars at ang Miss Universe Pageant but I’m not really interested. Besides my aunt immediately follows her invitation with “kunsabagay mahirap kapag tourist ka ru’n. Hindi ka babayaran nang tama. Aapihin ka.” Hindi ko yata feel api-apihin. Dito na lang ako and continue to work on the fulfillment of my dream to become the third Filipina Miss Universe!

Aside from these two aunts, I have cousins who are nurses in the States (including one who, like her husband, is actually a medical doctor in the Philippines.) My maternal grandparents died American citizens (that’s why we called them grampa and gramma when they decided to spend their last years with us.) I also have cousins, nephews and nieces with American surnames who’ve never lived in the Philippines. As you can see, my family has a long immigrant tradition. How do I reconcile this with my “Don’t Leave the Philippines”-themed blogs? Ewan.

Except siguro the fact that my belief is not borne out of Anti-American sentiments. I benefit from the package na amoy Stateside and the token dollars my balikbayan relatives give away. Pro-Filipino stance ‘yung sa akin. Besides, I’ve never heard any of my American relatives speak ill of this country. When they come here, all they can say is how happy they are to be home.

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