Monday, November 05, 2007



Sunshine, despite being overwhelmed at first, is finally pushing through with the human rights film festival. I told her it's a good project.

Kasama ko siya sa sala nila nu'ng nagpe-preview siya ng mga documentaries na puwedeng ipalabas sa filmfest. The first two she previewed (I wasn't really watching) were about recent rallies in Mendiola. The third documentary made me sit up and watch. It's about Filipina Muslims. Ang fresh ng topic.

One interviewer struck me. She is a conservative Maranawan who wouldn't even agree to showing her face on camera. In justifying the veil, she said there's actually a Bible verse that recommends it but it is only the Muslim women who followed it. Infact, she added, the Blessed Virgin Mary is depicted with a veil, and her neck and arms covered. She is properly dressed like a Muslim woman.



Whenever I catch those CNN stories about the veil causing so much controversy in other countries, nagtataka talaga ako. I mean, what's the big deal?

Dapat tignan nila ang Pilipinas. The veil is not imposed (or at least to the point na puwede kang ipakulong kung isa kang Muslim woman na hindi nakabelo) and the same time, the veil is not banned. Kanya-kanya lang 'yan. We just let each other be.

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