Thursday, January 01, 2009


PLDT MyDSL Blocks Xtube, Other Pornsites...

How true that the country's largest internet service provider took the liberty of blocking Xtube and other more popular pornsites? Now it will take a loooong time to access the site, and even then, the page would not load properly, and the videos would not play. Even using a proxy site would not work.

I still have not called the PLDT MyDSL hotline to verify some friends' claims that PLDT MyDSL has indeed blocked XTube and other pornsites, but as soon as the holidays are over that's what I am going to do, and if they do confirm it, I will promptly ask them to unblock it at least in my account.

I could talk about freedom and all that shit, after all, the last time I checked I am still in the Philippines and not China, but this is just about for my personal pleasure that does not in any way get in your way! I pay for internet at home so I could browse anything I want, porn especially, in the privacy of my home that I pay for as well, dahil mahirap mag-jack-off to porn in an internet cafe, and in some wifi-accessible coffee shop! If PLDT MyDSL had the gall of blocking these pornsites, what would stop them from blocking any other site that they would deem offensive and inappropriate for viewing, even by adults (they know we are adults because they would require that you be at least 18 years old before you could subscribe to them)?

To quote Trekkie Monster of Avenue Q: "The internet is for porn!" at walang karapatan ang PLDT MyDSL, o sinuman, na diktahan ang isang adult na tulad ko kung ano ang puwede at hindi ko puwedeng i-browse sa internet!

PLDT has indeed blocked them.. :(
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