Friday, January 30, 2009


The Right to Motmot

Ni-reverse ng Supreme Court ang pag-a-uphold ng Court Appeals sa City Ordinance ni Manila Mayor Alfredo "Hirty Harry/Ako ang Batas" Lim banning short-time motmots to operate in the city. (PDI, 30 Jan 09)

Napakaganda ng quoted passages mula sa unanimous decision ng SC kasi kahit in-acknowledege nilang maaring nagiging pugad ng prostitusyon ang gayu'ng mga lugar, mas importante pa rin daw ang karapatan nating mag-motmot, isang karapatan na napakaliit na puwedeng basta-basta na lang mahamak for a "greater", "more moral" right.

"Concededly, these are not the sort of cherished rights that when proscribed would impel the people to tear up their cedulas...Still, the Bill of Rights does not shelter gravitas alone. Indeed it is those 'trivial' yet fundamental freedoms, which the people reflexively exercise any day without the impairing awareness of their constitutional consequence, that accurately reflect the degree of liberty enjoyed by the people." more reason to be proud of the Philippines, our wala-lang freedoms. We are free to do it, to check-in a motel and fuck for a short-time fee...Wala nang isip-isip kasi natural lang sa'tin ang maging malaya. Sa Singapore kahit mag-bubble gum bawal!

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