Sunday, March 08, 2009


Candidate #3: What is your Lucky Number?

Last Saturday was my very first time to be part of the staff of Bb. Pilipinas. Contrary to what people who know I'm a Miss Universe aficionado might think, I've never really been a fan of the pageant - or any other pageant at that. I like only the Miss Universe because it's well-written, crisp, and fast-paced. The rest, even the slightly bigger and older Miss World, just don't compare. Kaya nga dream writing job ko ang Miss U, bukod sa Oscars. (Oh, my gosh! Napanood n'yo ba'yung Oscars this year? Ang ganda-ganda ng pagkakasulat, 'di ba? But that's for another blog)

Pero honored na rin ako to be the only first-timer this year in the staff, when most of them have been doing this for more than a decade already. And if you have any complaints about the show, well, hindi lang mga taga-GMA ang nagdi-decide ng aesthetics ng show na'to sa Araneta, ehem...All in all, thrilled naman akong makapagsulat sa Bb. Pilipinas 2009. But it did come with a steep, steep price: missing the Eraserheads The Final Set Concert that night.

Kinabukasan, tuwa naman ako na pinag-uusapan ang isa sa mga questions na sinulat ko: ang naging downfall ng most popular candidate in this very competitive batch, Rich Asuncion. No less than world-renowned Spanish Betsy Westendorp de Brias asked her: "What is your lucky number, and what is its significance in your life?"

Now I just have to wait and see if it will stand the test of time like these other classic, often quoted pageant questions:

"If a man from the moon lands in your backyard, what would you do to make him feel at home?" (Miss Universe 1969)

"What is the essence of being a woman?" (Miss U 1994)

And my personal favorite: "What makes you blush?" (Miss Universe 2002)

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