Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My Dad Supports Gay Fathers

While I am not exactly out to my family, it is still refreshing that my dad, a former Catholic priest, now a retired educator, full-time painter, husband, and grandfather to my four pampangkins, has a very liberal view on homosexuality:

"The Church does not want homosexuals in priestly garb. This is understandable because many dioceses in USA have gone bankrupt paying up for the sins of their priests. But why are the homosexuals being singled out and discriminated?

I know of homosexual priests who are decent, respectable, and effective in their pastoral work.Some bishops I know are bading. The homosexual is not an evil person per se. But homosexual acts are immoral in most societies.

Both the he-man and the she-man are capable of doing wrong or doing good. So why prefer the former and kick the ass of the latter?

Some priests are saints. Some are sinners. And this is not because of their sexual orientation.

I shared this opinion with the viewers of Probe, Channel 2, last Wednesday, November 19, 2008. Sorry po, if you don't agree."

Dad's a book author so expect the rest of his blog to have a unique and fun senior citizen pov of our world.

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