Wednesday, April 08, 2009



How different are the Filipinos leaving this country to work abroad from my parents who left their provinces to find a better life in Manila? I do not feel that my dad is any less Bicolano - and my mom Ilocano - just because they chose to settle in Marikina.

Favorite ko ang Goldilocks. Minsan bumibili ako ng half-roll ng brazo de mercedes, o mocha, o chocolate tapos ‘yun ang kakainin ko sa sinehan. But my mom recently revealed that Goldilocks does not honor senior citizen cards. Sa pan de sal lang daw. Sabi nga ng mommy ko, “porque ba senior citizen hindi na puwedeng kumain ng cake?” So mula ngayon, Red Ribbon na ang kakainin ko. Ube-macapuno roll! Yum!

If you have it good, shouldn’t you feel that God wants you to do something for others? But what? I’ve read that one way of finding your life’s purpose is writing down everything you think is your purpose in life. And the entry that makes you cry, that is your purpose. Hmmm…

Love ube-macapuno roll!!!
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