Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Things I Look Forward To...

To Thursday, when I fly to Cebu for a hectic yet exciting work in a different city.

To next Tuesday, when my friends and I enjoy wine-all-you-can for only P600.

To next week, when I hopefully receive Mikey's cards sent through snail mail kasi hindi nga raw siya "email person." Haven't received any of those in a while...

To the week after that, when I can finally go on 2-hour run training. Hopefully outdoors because putting in the mileage in the threadmill because of inclement weather just isn't the same.

To the end of July, when I can finally try on the custom-made trisuit that Ige Lopez/T1 has made.

To August, when I fly to Naga with my parents who shall watch me race for the first time... to August 23, when I become part of the history at the very first Philippine Ironman 70.3.

To August 24, when I can finally get the rest i deserve.

To October 9-11, when the UP Dragonboat Team competes in its very first regatta outside the country in more than a decade...probably my very first trip abroad, too.

To the end of October, when Mikey finally comes home, walks through my door, and I give him a big, big hug. And as I hold tight his tall and lanky frame, I look up and see him giving me that cute clipped smile I find myself mimicking whenever I miss him.

To December 25, the 4th Annual Rey-Pen Birthday Party! May naisip na kaming title kanina: FOURgy Na'to!


To our wedding day... How will we be able to pull that off?

To the distant future...Aren't you excited to see how everything will turn out? Sabi naman nila 80% of the things you worry about will never happen so I guess it's gonna be a bright and happy future naman.

To death...or better yet, to the afterlife...to that big talk with my God and ikukuwento niya ang kanyang blow-by-blow analysis ng aking buhay... The rationale for the circumstances He gave me, where I made a wrong turn, the people I've wronged but I'm not aware of, the people whose love made a difference in my life...'Di ba ang saya ng inumang 'yun?

Sige tulog na'ko. Can't wait for tomorrow!

Hi! Stumbled onto your blog. Where oh where can I find a wine-all-you-can in Manila?
the event was held at spicy fingers, greenbelt. organized by society lady vicky zubiri, who owns epicurean cuisine. for only P600 we were able to sample fine whites and reds, and some sparkling wine, too, from france, spain, chile, australia, etc.

i guess you can google the companies i mentioned for any upcoming events. popular wine restos in the metro are barcino (pasig/fort bonifacio), and cava in bonifacio hi street.
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