Monday, March 01, 2010


Ate Mhely was Rushed to the ER Moments After I Posted that Blog Entry About Her

A few minutes after I posted that Ate Mhely blog entry, I got a text that she was collapsed while cleaning my house and was rushed to the ER.

I called her up and was relieved to learn that she is fine, though they still have to run some tests to determine what caused her fainting. Initially, they found out that her blood sugar is unusually high.

My lunch meeting dragged on to Tuesday, and thirty minutes after midnight I learned that she was still in the hospital. I was able to talk to her husband on the phone. I excused myself from the meeting (yes, hindi pa siya exactly tapos nang 12:40am) to go to Quirino Hospital. Walang sinasabi si Ate Mhely or anyone from her family pero I know they would need help.

True enough, they spent hours waiting for the results of her urine test only to be told that they misplaced her sample so she would just have to come back the next day. Still, niresitahan siya ng 800-pesos worth of meds, and was billed P1,700 for lab fees! Geesh!

After settling the bill, nilinaw ko na kay Ate Mhely. It was almost 1am when I left her pero hindi pa siya nagla-lunch nu’n despite my insistence that she take a break at one of the cafeterias downstairs. Sabi niya sa telepono nu’ng una ko siyang nakausap eh uminom naman siya ng gatas from my fridge. At kumagat din siya sa brownies na naandu’n.

Ayun. Nag-collapse.

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