Sunday, September 12, 2010


Delightful Despicable Me

1. Saw it with a 3D-movie virgin! Cute! Turned out virgin din in that way. Cuter! (pero trickier)

2. The rollercoaster scene makes "Despicable Me" the movie that best harnesses the 3D technology potential, and I'm including Avatar in this qualification, ha! You would feel that paglulula thrill that gets you to tighten your buns as you reel for the zero-gravity drop!

3. Maganda rin ang paglalaro sa 3D tech sa closing credits montage.

4. Gru, the main character, started out as a metaphor for evil corporations. So the twist of his Minions (e.i. thousands of employees) contributed what little they each have just so they could build a rocketship to steal the moon when the bank refused to lend them money for it. Justification of the government bail-out?

5. I was the only one in that Eastwood Cinema to have laughed out loud at this scene, a sign that reads: "Bank of Evil (formerly Lehman Brothers)."

6. Why do I have the disconcerting feeling that the Minions, those little, yellow, uniformly dressed, karaoke-loving, gets into petty squabbles, loyal, would do anything the boss says, gets sad when asked to sleep but rejoices at working, is a metaphor for the OFW existence?

7. May mga parts na muntik na'kong naiyak. Pero mas nakakaiyak talaga pa rin 'yung Up.

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